Dedicated to the Many Dimensions of Healing

Dale G. Alexander was named  2023 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee.

Congratulations to Dale for his sold-out class at the 2023 WMF!

Dale G. Alexander was named 2016 CE Provider of the Year by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.

My dedication to the Many Dimensions of Healing includes people of all ages with any problem. I am a generalist, which is to say that I am interested in the full continuum of human difficulties. To date, most who have sought me out in my 4+decades of clinical practice have been individuals who are experiencing:

a chronic problem, condition, or illness 

an exquisite life transition (death, divorce, business failure)

an unexplainable decline in quality of life and/or health

the need to rehabilitate after a physical or emotional traumatic experience including: head injury, complex surgeries, stroke, assault or MVA’s

the desire to maintain a high state of wellness

the search for a transformational healing to more fully integrate themselves

All of us are living laboratories!  Genetic predispositions, accretion of trauma, illnesses and ongoing stresses combine to present us with echoes that contribute to our present afflictions, most of which are not understood.

The philosophy of my clinical practice is to establish a healing partnership with a client. A thorough physical & emotional history is taken to look for the clues & cues that may point to the source(s) of chronic problems. I often refer clients back to their physicians or onto other specialists or practitioners for appropriate evaluation.

Individuals with complex stress related disorders are often able to fully recover with care, attention, and time. Often these individuals come to the office with radicular syndromes of the upper or lower extremities, migraine headaches, and aches & pains of all varieties. The key component here has proven to be their willingness & readiness to heal.

The scales have tipped toward pathology with other clients. As the many biomechanical ailments are resolved, the body begins to signal where more attention is needed. Again, clients are referred back to their physicians. When this is the case, it is requested that consent forms be signed so that I may communicate with them.

Those who are aging in my practice are a particular delight as I learn much from the wealth of their life experience. Particular difficulties with balance related problems, joint degeneration, memory and cognitive difficulties are common.

Pregnant mothers, babies, children, and adolescents with physical or emotional difficulties are an important part of my practice.  Young teens who are experiencing their growth spurt are often brought to me, especially those who show signs of scoliosis or, are experiencing learning difficulties. Here, the common sense of, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is applied. The notion that "children will just grow out of it," though accurate occasionally, is very often deeply flawed.

Those who are dying, the final dimension of all of our lives, are another important area of my practice. Here, emphasis is placed on creating as much comfort as possible and allowing the person’s consciousness to experience a sense of completion.

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