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My background in Osteopathic Manual Therapies has been a core skill set for assisting clients in their physical healing as it is so comprehensive in reviewing and stimulating the "physiology of healing" within the body's complex relationships between the neurological, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, urogenital, and musculoskeletal systems. My training in re-calibrating traumatic reflexes is another core component that assists the body's capacity to heal from within. Further description of this orientation can be gleaned by reading my published articles titled the Adaptive Mechanisms Concept© and the Inside-Out Paradigm©. Together they trace the evolution of my capacity to comprehend these relationships.

Central to the transformational healing work is the application of Integrated Awareness® principles which are grounded in an understanding of developmental movement sequences, neocortical development, energetic touch, and higher states of perception. Experience suggests that direct work with the brain and the central nervous system often is crucial for an individual to fully integrate their healing. Another section of the website has been dedicated to more fully describing this dimension of "self-healing through self-discovery." Also, please refer to the Integrated Awareness® published articles written with the founder, Lansing Barrett Gresham.

Integrated Awareness® is a registered trademark established by founder, Lansing Barrett Gresham and held by Truly Sane Human, LLC.

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