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Integrated Awareness®

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"In any context that includes Source, learning and healing are the same thing."

Lansing Barrett Gresham, Founder of Integrated Awareness®

Individual Sessions - Introductory Classes - Workshops 

Integrated Awareness® (or IA®) is a process of self-healing through self-discovery. It utilizes innate but usually inhibited human capacities in order to create a state of existence in which all aspects of the person are self-aware and in active support of each other.

Beyond that it is the direction in which human evolution is already oriented and the means to guide and accelerate it.

Types of Service

In IA® the tools and the outcome are often the same: enhanced perception of your physical body, of your fluctuating emotional states, of the reasons for your habitual thoughts and behaviors and, ultimately, of your reason for living.

Because these skills are usually applied initially to a particular challenge or problem you bring, the teacher will focus at first on the most immediately available path to healing. Over time the wave of change needed to resolve the original concern will spread into other areas of your life as well.

IA® is offered in multiple formats which appear related but distinct on first encounter. In each case an individual is assisted to take charge of their own healing in one or more of the following settings.

■ Individual Session with a Dale G. Alexander, Certified IA® Teacher

■ Multi-hands Session with two or more IA® apprentices or teachers in guidance. (The Lever Healing Process is an example of a multi-hands session.)

■ Introductory Class - Three hours or less on a specific date.

■ Workshop - One or more days with a pre-chosen topic or focus.

■ Series - Regularly spaced meetings with a shared theme.


"All traditions say the soul is timeless. Minds and bodies know that time is of the essence." LBG

The Lever is a totally cooperative process, usually between two expert IA® Teachers or Students and a single guest, which relies upon the teacher's ability to recognize new choices agreed to both by the guest's personality and Higher Self, defining which wound, and how much of it, to release in any one visit.

As a metaphor to help understand how this is possible, consider the pattern of painfully reactive (and even over-reactive) behaviors that you have experienced all your life as having been woven into a tapestry. It portrays the twining together of your earliest emotional traumas, their life long repetition, and their continuing spin today. Like all tapestries, this one is comprised of many threads but of relatively few colors-the thematics tend to repeat themselves.

Visualize a thread called blame as being rusty; a line where healing is just beginning as new-grass green; an area of self-forgiveness as golden-white. The Lever is a kind of tweezers for the emotional body, through which it is possible to tease out and remove the threads of a certain color wherever they appear in the tapestry. (The experience does not literally utilize either color or tweezers.)

Most of us have undergone more than one kind of emotional wounding in our lives, and so we display more than one color of thread. Normally, only one is pulled at a time. Visits are spaced over varying intervals that enable the guest to enjoy and integrate each new freedom in turn. Group classes supporting this integration are typically offered once or twice a month. To date, the wounds most frequently healed have been in the arenas of terror, loss, shame, despair, overwhelm, rage and disappointment. Many other personal traumas have also been dissolved when specifically requested. More advanced Teachers may also be able to assist you with the process of creating new behaviors which do not include suffering as their primary motivation.

Dale G. Alexander is qualified to help others utilizing the Lever. He has become so by repeatedly undergoing the process himself. The release and the results have led the recipients to describe afterwards their new and ongoing sense of self-trust, inner freedom and self-worth as:


     "more than I would have ever believed possible"


     "the final freedom" and even

     "outright miraculous"

Integrated Awareness® is a registered trademark established by founder, Lansing Barrett Gresham and held by Truly Sane Human, LLC.