My dedication to the Many Dimensions of Healing includes people of all ages with any problem. I am a generalist, which is to say that I am interested in the full continuum of human difficulties. To date, most who have sought me out over my 30 years of clinical practice have been individuals who are:
*experiencing a chronic problem, condition, or illness 
*experiencing an exquisite life transition (death, divorce, business failure)
*experiencing an unexplainable decline in their quality of life and/or health
*rehabilitating after a physical or emotional traumatic experience  
*desiring to maintain a high state of wellness
*seeking a transformational healing to more fully integrate themselves.

The philosophy of my clinical practice is to establish a healing partnership with a client. A thorough physical & emotional history is taken to look for the clues & cues that may point to the source(s) of their chronic problem. I often refer clients back to their physicians or onto other specialists or practitioners for appropriate evaluation.

My background in Osteopathic Manual Therapies has been a core skill set for assisting clients in their physical healing as it is so comprehensive in reviewing and stimulating the "physiology of healing" within the body's complex relationships between the neurological, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, urogenital, and musculoskeletal systems. My training in re-calibrating traumatic reflexes is another core component that assists the body's capacity to heal from within. Further description of this orientation can be gleaned by reading my published articles titled the Adaptive Mechanisms Concept© and the Inside-Out Paradigm©. Together they trace the evolution of my capacity to comprehend these relationships.

Central to the transformational healing work is the application of Integrated Awareness® principles which are grounded in an understanding of developmental movement sequences, neocortical development, energetic touch, and higher states of perception. Experience suggests that direct work with the brain and the central nervous system often is crucial for an individual to fully integrate their healing. Another section of the website has been dedicated to more fully describing this dimension of "self-healing through self-discovery".
Also, please refer to the Integrated Awareness® published articles written with the founder, Lansing Barrett Gresham.

I work with pregnant mothers, babies, children, and adolescents who have physical or emotional difficulties.  Young teens who are experiencing their growth spurt are often brought to me. Here, the common sense of, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is applied. The notion that "children will just grow out of it", though accurate occasionally, is very often, deeply flawed.

Often, those individuals with complex stress related disorders are able to fully recover with care, attention, and time. Often these individuals come to the office with radicular syndromes of the upper or lower extremities, migraine headaches, and aches & pains of all varieties. The key component here has proven to be their willingness & readiness to heal.

With others, the scales have tipped toward pathology. As the many biomechanical ailments are resolved, the body begins to signal where more attention is needed. Again, clients are referred back to their physicians. When this is the case, it is requested that consent forms be signed so that I may communicate with them.

Working with those who are aging is a particular delight as I learn much from the wealth of their life experience. Particular difficulties with balance related problems, joint degeneration, memory and cognitive difficulties are common.

The final dimension of all of our lives, our dying, is another dimension of my practice. Here, emphasis is placed on creating as much comfort as possible and allowing the consciousness of the person to create a sense of completion within themselves.

The business principles of my practice are the following:
1. payment is made on the day that the service is provided unless previous agreements are made for a payment schedule
2. no insurance is accepted
3. should receipts be needed for Health Saving Accounts or for application to Insurance deductibles, all paperwork is the responsibility of the client; a signature only, will be provided.
4. The fee for sessions is $150 which lasts approximately 75 minutes; longer or shorter sessions are pro-rated based on this fee.
5. The fee for Integrated Awareness®/multi-hands sessions is $250.
6. Appointments must be confirmed by phone at 305.393.0929
7. Appointments cancelled without 48 hrs. notice require full payment, unless there's a true emergency.

The office is located at 2027 Flagler Ave. in Key West, Fla. 33040. The building is directly across from the entrance to the Key West High School and sits on the corner of 3rd Street & Flagler Ave. It is a yellow building with a white door, and a pelican weather vane sits above the front door. Off street parking is available. It is approximately 1 mile from the Key West International Airport.

For those traveling to Key West
(click here for drive/fly directions) and needing accommodations please contact one of the reservation services (click here for links to accommodations). Key West is a lovely seaport city with a rich history that many find healing and relaxing.

Office at 2027
Flagler Avenue
has had a practice in Key West, Florida and in Ohio, for 26 years.